Leaving Millions Neglected: In Haiti, Not Even!

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    Estimates of the poverty rate in Haiti were usually between 87% to 90,% But apparently a merciful heaven(?) has managed to spread even that around.

    "Apology" jokes aside, has anyone bothered to notice that in the old Soviet Bloc, (1), the rich had a tendency to get richer, and that the poor had a tendency to become poorer in comparison, and that (2): The central leadership got bogged down in a basis-free war, not going well at all, in Afghanistan?

    The Soviet Bloc collapsed, and the buildings in Haiti collapsed--and the buildings in the old Soviet Bloc would have likely collapsed, too.

    In the United States, mainly the mortgage-structure, so-far, has collapsed: Along with the building trades indusry, and the real estate industry, and apparently the lending industry.

    What is needed now, clearly: Is a report of which Deitie(s) were involved. No one will say that any of the populations had anything to do with any of this at all! Especially rich people will claim that they were not involved!

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