Leader of terror attack on US Embassy is reported to be former Gitmo AQ prisoner

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    Oh boy. Here's the article at the Daily Mail.

    Some key points and I'll give the link. What I'd like to know is if, as claimed he became a leader of the Libyan rebels, how did we not have any intelligence of this while helping to overthow Qaddafi?

    This gets really tangled. Because if we did know that he was a rebel leader, then we would know he was AQ. Wow. And turned the keys of Libya and all the weapons Qaddafi had over to AQ.

    Qumu is a Libyan army veteran who was jailed by Qaddafi and later escaped to Sudan, where he worked for one of Osama bin Laden's holding companies.

    According to some reports, he was bin Laden's driver during his time at the company.

    Later, he moved to Pakistan and slipped across the border into Afghanistan, where he began working at a charity that was a front for al-Qaeda in the summer of 2001.

    He was arrested in Pakistan by local authorities shortly after the US invasion of Afghanistan. He was taken to the Guantanamo Bay detention center and held there for six years.

    In 2007, Qumu was released from Gitmo and turned over to Gaddafi on the condition that he be kept in prison.

    But, in 2010 Qaddafi freed him from the notorious Abu Salim prison in Tripoli, along with 37 other prisoners, to celebrate the dictator's 41st year in power.

    During the uprising, Qumu emerged as a leader of the rebels. He was a tank driver during his time in the Libyan army.

    Revealed: Leader of Benghazi consulate attack that led to death of four Americans 'was former Guantanamo prisoner handed over to Libyans in 2007' | Mail Online
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