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    Hussein & Company will try to ratify the LOST (Law of the Sea Treaty). My guess is he figures he has nothing to lose after the healthcare fiasco. If the Affordable Care act does not cost him the election why worry about the LOST. Bush tried and failed to ratify in his second term; so he had nothing to lose either. President Reagan rejected the LOST; nevertheless, here it comes again:

    U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush supported the treaty during their tenures, but conservative members of Congress repeatedly blocked its ratification due to concerns that it would limit commerce and allow international bodies to wield greater control over U.S. interests.

    President Obama's administration and current Senate leaders have already expressed support for the treaty. During the confirmation hearing for Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska asked whether the treaty would be a priority.

    "Yes, it will be, and it will be because it is long overdue," Clinton said in response. "If people start drilling in areas that are now ice free most of the year, and we don't know where they can and can't drill or whether we can, we're going to be disadvantaged. So I think that you will have a very receptive audience in our State Department and in our administration."

    Democratic Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, chair of the foreign relations committee, followed Clinton's response with his own support for the treaty. "We are now laying the groundwork for and expect to try to take up the Law of the Sea Treaty. So that will be one of the priorities of the committee," Kerry said. "The key here is just timing." ​

    I would rather Clinton was as dumb as a rock than her being the lying hypocrite she is. She and her pals prevent offshore drilling in this country as well as in the Gulf Of Mexico where foreign countries drill to their heart’s content. Then the filthy liar has the nerve to claim she is looking out for this country’s interests everywhere else. Also, notice the sneaky reference to global warming “. . . now ice free most of the year. . .”.

    Clinton is not alone. Those who want the treaty ratified swear ratification is in America’s best interests:

    "As we move forward to serious climate negotiations, countries will be very skeptical the administration can deliver on an agreement if we can't deliver on the Law of the Sea, which everyone knows was negotiated in our interest," Antrim said.​

    U.S. Leaders Support Law of the Sea Treaty

    U.S. Leaders Support Law of the Sea Treaty | Worldwatch Institute

    The title should be “SOME U.S. Leaders Support Law of the Sea Treaty”.

    “. . . everyone knows was negotiated in our interest,’ Antrim said.”.​

    I don’t know about you, but I am part of everyone and I still do not know it!

    Note that the LOST is a prelude to “. . . serious climate negotiation. . .”.

    UN advocates have a story that sounds logical; undersea mining, navigation, blah, blah, and blah. One of their problems is the lack of a good scare tactic. Navigation and offshore drilling by foreign countries does not compare to the end of the end-of-the-world scenario global warming hustlers spout. The LOST people should have a better story by now. They’ve been honing their betrayal for decades. Yet for all of their outright lies, double-talk, and misdirection they cannot get around the fact they want to give the United Nations taxing authority along with handing America’s sovereignty to the International community.

    “International royalties” in the following excerpt from an article by Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh is doublespeak for tax:

    The International Seabed Authority (“the Authority”) has the power to distribute “international royalties” to developing and landlocked nations.​

    Attack on U.S. Sovereignty - The Law of the Sea Treaty
    Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh Monday, January 23, 2012

    Attack on U.S. Sovereignty - The Law of the Sea Treaty

    Years before the environmental fraud was exposed, I pointed that there are two areas that no country owns; the oceans and the atmosphere. UN liars have ben trying to claim ownership of those entities for decades. Every attempt is a scheme designed to give the UN taxing authority over every First World country; primarily the US. The LOST is another scheme that gives the United Nations ownership and taxing authority all rolled into one neat little treaty. Should the LOST be ratified this time can UN ownership of the atmosphere be far behind?

    The previous attempt to ratify the LOST was led by then-Senator Biden and RINO Senator Lugar:

    Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Joseph R. Biden Jr., Delaware Democrat, and ranking Republican Sen. Richard G. Lugar of Indiana are both strong supporters. After President Bush in May issued a statement calling for Senate ratification, Mr. Biden said he would press for its passage in his committee.​

    Bush's base splits over sea treaty
    July 2, 2007
    By David R. Sands

    Bush's base splits over sea treaty - Washington Times

    When Lugar was trying to sell ratification he blamed the long delay on "Ideological posturing and flat-out misrepresentations by a handful of amateur admirals." I guess being a landlubber is worse than being a global government ideologue pushing the UN’s agenda.

    Note that both Biden and Lugar were long-serving Senators at the time. Happily, Biden is out of the Senate and Lugar is in trouble in his reelection bid. Sadly, the vote to ratify would be held before this November; so Lugar could get another bite out of the treaty apple.

    ‘More than one bite’ is reason enough to be skeptical about long-serving senators. There is not much chance the XVII Amendment will be repealed, but something can be done about treaties living in limbo forever, or until they are ratified. Presidents should be required to at least make an effort to ratify treaties born in their administration. Congress should pass a law stating that whenever a president fails to get one of his treaties ratified before leaving office that treaty is automatically rejected for all time. Congress could even insist that negotiators include a ratification expiration date in every treaty. Say 2 years. No matter how it is done it should be called the No Shelf Life Law.

    Naturally, America’s interests would be best-served if this country only signed treaties with individual sovereign nations. Serendipitously, UN-loving quislings would drown in their own bile if UN treaties were eliminated altogether.

    It takes 67 votes to ratify. Hussein has 51 Democrats and two independents. That means he and Harry Reid have to find 14 RINO in order to reach the magic number of 67. I’m sure they already have 10 RINO in the bag. They would not risk a possible flap with less than 10 Republicans willing to vote for ratification. Hopefully, getting the last 4votes will prove to be a bridge too far.

    Finally, Hussein’s supporters and opponents have their minds made up in the coming election. I do not think the LOST will become an election issue in the months ahead for one reason: As the United Nations goes so goes the media. Try finding out where those senators who are running this year stand on the LOST if you think I am media-bashing again.

    If the LOST is going to be stopped it will take a big bunch of Americans taking the time to find out exactly what Democrats & RINO are planning —— then object loudly and often before the ratification vote is held. This article is a good start in learning just how determined UN-loving traitors are:

    Obama signs Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) into law via executive order
    This is directly from Agenda 21!

    Obama signs Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) into law via executive order This is directly from Agenda 21!

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