Just take this tablet and you will be MUCH healthier

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    Just take this one tablet a day and you can reduce your risk of pancreatic cancer nearly in half! Want to reduce your risk of breast cancer by nearly 70%? All what you have do is take this and it could very well do so. It doesn't stop there. Taking this will help your immune system and lower your risk of brain toomers. Sounds like I am trying to sell you something but I'm not. Most vitamins are acquired from the foods we eat but this one is obtained from the sun and if it is a cloudy day like it is here in Pittsburgh,the only way to fill this need is to take one tablet.. After watching a news special last year, I found that taking one vitamin D tablet a day or getting at least 15 minutes of sun could reduce your risk of all cancers as much as 25%. However, according to the following two studies actually support my claims from above: Vitamin D May Cut Pancreatic Cancer Risk By Nearly Half and Taking Vitamin D And Calcium Supplements Together May Prevent Cancer | The Myeloma Beacon

    If you don't believe me then do your own online search and see for yourself. Remember take one tablet a day or get at least 15 minutes of sun. Just make sure to wear sunscreen or you might be doing more harm than good and place yourself at risk for skin cancer.

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