July 6 RNC Platform Is 2008 GOP Platfrom (Not Deficit Restraint)

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    Anyone notices that the Republican Party has no agenda going into the 2010 elections. Meg Whitman is running for Governor of California, with a plan for a Mailing List at her website! Anyone notices why, and what she apparently thinks Sacramento is for--something to pay her back personally, all the money she spent, at Christian, or at least biblical, usury.

    RNC wants you to know about the mailing list too, but also wants you to recall the "Good Old Days" of 2008. The Issues part of their website is the 2008 national platform!

    And GOP thinks that Chairm an Steele is. . . .confused!


    Essentially, to bring down the deficit: GOP is for reducing all tax rates, apparently to nothing!

    Their basis problem is that their anti-deficit mantra means that they intend to hoard the Total Credit Market all for themselves.

    1) There is no plan for capital formation.
    2) There is no schedule for deficit reduction
    3) There is no schedule or time-line proposed for job growth
    4) There is no schedule or time-line proposed for exiting Afghanistan, much less Iraq.
    5) Anyone spots that basically there is no 1040, with no schedules attached whatsoever!

    There is no concept of innovative partnerships for creating even new energy sources and outcomes, even subsquent a Lincoln-esque disaster in the Gulf of Mexico!

    There is no plan, even for a Gulf Coast restoration. Louisiana Democratic Senator Landrieu is almost single-handedly, coordinating a federal, bi-partisan relief effort, instead. The Republicans so-far seem content with long walks on the beach, kicking along the shoreline, in some kind of shoreline, new World Cup!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred"
    (Party of "No "Want Shiny Yellow Trinkets, Only: Then go buy Manhattan back from. . . .Hmmm, Writers Guild, maybe(?)!)
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