Judge condemns 'endemic' knife culture You ban guns they find knives

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    I can't wait to fire this off to Piers Morgan :D

    Judge condemns 'endemic' knife cultureJudge condemns 'endemic' knife culture as gang who battered victim with brandy and champagne bottles before stabbing him to death are jailed for 93 years

    Gang stabbed Kelvin Chibueze repeatedly with a foot-long blade

    Judge criticises 'cowardice and moral bankruptcy' on both sides of the row

    The teenage victim's best friends refuse to testify against his murderers

    From the article

    Four killers stabbed a teenager to death after chasing him out of a nightclub brandishing champagne and brandy bottles.

    Kelvin Chibueze, 17, rushed out of a private party at an east London venue after he was attacked in a mass brawl involving knives and bar stools.

    But the youth tripped outside a Lidl supermarket and the rival gang members sat on his legs to stop him running away before stabbing him repeatedly with a foot-long blade.

    Cowardly killers stab teenager to death after chasing him out of club brandishing champagne bottles | Mail Online

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