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    John McCain, I have pondered over this choice for some time now, it has for some time now appeared that John McCain has run one of the most inept campaigns in the history of US elections. I say inept, only because, his campaign has spent it's life reacting to every move Barack Obama makes, and not staying on a consistant message that the voters associate him with. While, my opinion of John McCain has not changed on a personal level. IMHO he has served this country honorably and without doubt his courage in the face of tremendous odds show for all willing to see it without political eye's a man that loves his country. However, this message never got translated to the voter, in a way that John McCain could seperate himself from the Bush Administration. Each and every fall in the stock market no matter who is at fault is attributed to George Bush and by default John McCain suffers from that association. The management of his campaign has been an epic failure. His choice of Sarah Palin , while, stirring up the base of the party. I submit in this election cycle was not a wise choice, because this election is being won in the Center and most moderates see Sarah Palin as a Right of Center. You can see this election at least on the Republican side as moving to the center just by the selection of John McCain. The number one issue in this election has been the economy as of late and had John McCain made a choice that was more closely associated with fixing the economy and with a little more experience then IMO, the voters would have seen this as a wise move. One large hurdle that John McCain has had to jump over in this election is Barack Obama's in-roads in both campaign finance and the media. Two very large hurdles. I submit that John McCain or his campaign has neglected to address these two very big issues in such a way as to close this gap. His campaigns decision to keep Sarah Palin away from the media after a very large bump immedialty after the RNC was a gigantic blunder. Then his decision to suspend his campaign during the economic meltdown as another blunder , especially when John McCain appeared to do nothing other than support a massive government bailout that Barack Obama supported. So IMHO given all these factors it has for some time appeared that the McCain campaign has no heart to win this election. If someone can convince me otherwise I would like to hear your thoughts. Here is something to consider, what presidential candidate heaps praise on the person he is running against to a partisan audience? Well that would be John McCain.

    BEREA, Ohio -- Republican presidential nominee John McCain began playing down expectations for Friday night's first general election debate, saying Democratic rival Barack Obama is "very, very good."

    As he met with voters and campaign volunteers at Baldwin Wallace College, McCain played up the importance of Ohio and noted Obama's "eloquence."

    "All of you know the history lesson that the last person who succeeded in becoming president of the United States without winning the state of Ohio was Jack Kennedy,'' McCain said. "And that's been a long time."

    He said the debate would be a major event in the campaign.

    "Look, have no doubt about it, the capabilities of Senator Obama to a debate -- I mean, he's very, very good," McCain said. "He was able to beat Sen. Hillary Clinton who, as we all know, is very accomplished, very accomplished."

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