jews and god

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    a great hurrican was coming. an old jewish man living in a flood zone was told to evacuate. he said "no. G-d will save me", and refused to leave.

    the police came to his door and asked him to leave before the storm.. he said "no, G-d will save me"... and stayed put.

    as the floods began to come, a rescue boat came by his house and asked him to jump in. the man said "no. G-d will save me" and refused to get in the boat.

    the waters, now risen above any livable area of the house, forced the old man to the top of his roof. a helicopter flew over and the old man was offered a rope to grab onto in order to be rescued. the man refused saying "no. G-d will save me".

    The old man drowned in the flood when it overtook his home. Upon arriving in heaven, the man said to G-d, "G-d, i believed in you. I was a devout man. why didn't you save me?"

    G-d looked gently upon the man and said "schmuck, i sent you a police officer, a boat and a helicopter. what more did you want me to do?"

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