Jeering House Democrats Should Be Cheering Great Socialist Non-Regressive Compromise!

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    Jesus ben Joseph, Son of Mary, Called, "The Christ:" Actually did not have the decimal point to work with, when doing the arithmetic of his times. That would come about 1100 years later, when the planet was even far less literate than it was(?)!. Jesus, in fact, even knew about slavery. Jesus, in fact. . . .has historically been worshiped as a deity made human, and deity again.

    The Payroll Tax has become increasingly regressive, and with Republican support. Now the Republicans want it less regressive. They can't do the Stimulua, Make-Work-Pay Tax Credit. That would put them on the side of Jesus Christ, of Matthew 20::1-16, The servants in Matthew 25::14-30, had encountered the problem of the fixed percentage increase of the Talents. Actually, the servant with the least of the money: Didn't do very well. So that cabin apparently went to foreclosure, and that servant got cast out.

    Life can be like that, even in America!

    The Make-Work-Pay Tax Credit was available to relatively low-income filers, and even if they had not worked the full 40 hour workweek: And generally in the equal amounts of $400.00, or $800.00 for the two adult households, filing "married."

    That is gone, but in its place: The payroll tax comes down the 2% that is a relatively better deal for the lower income paycheck worker. The Republicans are suddenly for that! The lower income worker doesn't have to file any paperwork for it!

    Suddenly the House Republicans, from the the Great Socialist Obama Compromise, are now to be confronted with what they will do in the following tax year, after this one!

    The House Democrats who are Jeering: Should become the House Democrats who are Cheering! They should be cheering the push-back of the regressive tax, setting up a compromise for a more progressive payroll tax than before!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Many White Eyes, Not Too Smart About Things: For Any Who Missed The Midterms(?)!)

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