It's Slavery !

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    To James N. Brown
    October 18, 1858
    I do not perceive how I can express myself, more plainly, than I have done in the foregoing extracts. In four of them I have expressly disclaimed all intention to bring about social and political equality between the white and black races, and, in all the rest, I have done the same thing by clear implication.

    I have made it equally plain that I think the negro is included in the word "men" used in the Declaration of Independence.

    I believe the declara[tion] that "all men are created equal" is the great fundamental principle upon which our free institutions rest; that negro slavery is violative of that principle; but that, by our frame of government, that principle has not been made one of legal obligation; that by our frame of government, the States which have slavery are to retain it, or surrender it at their own pleasure; and that all others -- individuals, free-states and national government -- are constitutionally bound to leave them alone about it.

    I believe our government was thus framed because of the necessity springing from the actual presence of slavery, when it was framed.

    That such necessity does not exist in the teritories[sic], where slavery is not present.

    ...It does not follow that social and political equality between whites and blacks, must be
    incorporated, because slavery must not.
    A. Lincoln

    Lincoln on Slavery

    What is illegal immigration unchecked if not slavery , when people have to hide in the shadows and are paid next to nothing and often times abused beyond measure. It is a a system our Federal Govt. has allowed to thrive for many years because it meant cheap labor for my state and other states and votes for those looking at it for pure political gain. During the summers here, many of these people that wish nothing more than to make a better life for themselves and their families and because we have a Federal Govt. unwilling to enforce it's own laws and have allowed this slavery to continue cross the deserts in 110 plus degree heat without shelter or water and is not that rare to see some die in the crossing. Further, you have a criminal element that uses this same lax attitude to prey on this slave trade to peddle drugs to Americans and prostitution as well as kidnapping across the border. This is the harsh reality of illegal immigration it is SLAVERY and for too long now we have let it continue , we argue that the officer should not be allowed to check on the immigration status of a person yet, we do nothing to want to change the very reason those individuals have to come here illegally in the first place. Unitl such time as we actully make the process of being a citizen of the United States simple and easy and the laws uniformly enforced, we allow this slave trade to continue.
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