Israel most concerned over Egypt power shift

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    DAMASCUS, (PIC)-- Dr. Moussa Abu Marzouk, deputy chief in Hamas's politburo said Israel is most concerned of repercussions following the shift of power in Egypt.

    That is because peace agreements were left undefined after the Egyptians ousted the ruling regime.

    "Israel fears Arab regimes will turn towards democracy, which will change positions on the Israeli occupation as time passes,” Abu Marzouk said in an interview Monday with Palestine Today.

    Abu Marzouk added that the fall of the former Egyptian regime had ”cast its shadow” on the West Bank-ruling Fatah authority, and cost it its main support.

    "The change process has been launched and will turn back its wheels. The revolution had changed decades of dictatorship and will constrained by colonialism,” he said, adding that current changes will show face on the entire region, with Palestine at the forefront.

    Abu Marzouk: Israel most concerned over Egypt power shift

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