Israel In the Line of Fire

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    "Israel in the Line of Fire"

    Tensions surrounding the Temple Mount are escalating. The Israeli people are being overwhelmed by a flood of terrorist attacks. As the news reports continue to come in about knife wielding terrorists attacking police and citizens, Jerusalem is on edge tonight and rightfully so. Israeli police are being targeted by terrorists using vehicles as lethal weapons. In less than two months the IDF reported 58 stabbings, 5 shootings and 7 car ramming incidents.

    Now there are reports of a new propaganda campaign of libel. This time it comes in the form of claims that Israelis are harvesting the organs of Palestinians. Representatives of Israel have petitioned the U.N. over this latest act of anti-Semitism and are awaiting a response. There has been little to no response from the world over these stories breaking in the news. The Israeli officials are urging calm in the wake of implementing tougher laws for rock throwers. Rock throwing has been the cause of serious injuries and even death.

    Renouncing the Oslo Accords and taking back the authority Israel handed over to the PA is reasonable. There can be no two state solution. There is no possibility for a negotiation. It is time to admit the truth. This was never going to work. The PA never wanted a peace deal which is why they never missed the opportunity to miss an opportunity.

    Israel missed her own opportunity. When Israel won the Six Day War of 1967, she took possession of the Temple Mount. As peace came over the land and silence filled the air, the Israeli people began weeping with relief and joy. They were overcome with emotion by the victory they had just won!

    There is a story that has not been well publicized about a certain Rabbi who approached the IDF General and asked him to tear down the high places and drive out the foreigners from the land (according to Numbers 33:50-56). The General told the Rabbi to be quiet or he would have him arrested. The Rabbi disappeared into the crowd and left. Shortly afterward, the Israeli government gave back control of the Temple Mount to the Arabs. What a missed opportunity! Hindsight is 20/20.

    But as the saying goes, “That was then and this is now”.

    The time has come for Israel to place her trust in God. Not in the United States and not in the United Nations. Watching Israel place her hope in the U.S.A. & The U.N. has been like watching a drowning man cling to a razor blade. Excruciatingly painful.

    The tolerance the Arab World has demanded from Israel has not been reciprocated. The Oslo Accord have been like an albatross around her neck.

    Renouncing the Oslo Accord would not only free Israel, it would also free the people that Hamas has kept in captivity. These people have been used as human shields, their hospitals, schools, and personal homes used as launching sites. They deserve an opportunity to relocate and begin a new life that can give them real hope and a secure future. They have suffered long enough. They've been used as pawns in a political chess game that is now near its end.

    It's your move, Israel. While it may appear there isn't one, there is. Renounce the Oslo Accord, shut down the PA and take back your authority.

    It's your land and it is time to take possession of it.
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    Sometimes doing the right thing is not what's best especially when you are doing it for appeasement of evil destructive people who would never do the right thing for you and only has enhilation in mind for you even as you do good for them. Good works and is right for rewarding good, good does not work and is not right when done for evil, hence result of doing the right thing for the wrong nature.
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    Maybe the Zionist and zealot Jews should wail at the wailing wall, and quit trying to overtake the temple mount, which does not belong to Jews.
    Also time for the Zionist to let out the Palestinians they have in their prisons , that are there without a trial, esp the kids.

    Zionist have robbed the land and are continuing to steal and kill for it.

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