Is this the letter from Najib’s officer to CIA boss?

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    PETALING JAYA: A letter purportedly written by the top intelligence officer under the previous Najib Razak administration to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) pitched the former prime minister as a US ally with whom Washington could work with, as opposed to the “anti-West, anti-Semite” Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

    Najib has distanced himself from the alleged letter, saying he was not aware that such a letter had been sent.

    A copy of the alleged letter, sighted by FMT, among others, promoted Najib’s “progressive foreign policies”, saying Malaysia was a crucial ally and the only viable one in the Southeast Asian region as the others were either too small, too pro-China or “too immersed in their own domestic political problems”.

    “Your Excellency must be well informed that Mahathir, essentially, is not a reformer that could enhance Malaysia’s national interest as he joined the opposition for his own self-interest,” said the letter to Gina Haspel, director of the CIA.

    The letter was allegedly written on behalf of the “Malaysian External Intelligence Organization (MEIO)” and signed by Hasanah Ab Hamid, who also leads a unit under the Research Division of the Prime Minister’s Department.
    Is this the letter from Najib's officer to CIA boss?

    NGO calls for investigation into CIA letter - Nation | The Star Online

    This is about to get interesting, folks.
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    In addition, Patriot called on the Government to investigate the “purported covert involvement of Cambridge Analytica” in previous Malaysian elections.

    Sounds like some election meddling there!

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