Is radical islam the beast in the bible.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by LilOlLady, May 6, 2011.

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    If Islam is the beast of the bible, he is not going away and will not be defeated. Some believe we created the beast with our foreign policies and our presence in the Middle East. We may play a part in awakening the beast but it does not matter because he is here and is not going away. At least not by us but by GOD according to this time table.

    At the time of 9-11 the beast only had a few head but has grown, with our help, to become a giant with many heads. We cut off one head and it grows more and become stronger. The more we fight this beast the stronger it gets and more of a threat it becomes. We did not create the beast but we did awaken it with our foreign policies and presence in the Middle East and we are going to have to deal with it for years to come because we will not be able to defeat it. They feed on our fighting them. Their hate for us feeds them and keep them alive and strong.

    Our joy and celebration over the cutting of the one head is only temporary as they promised because their resolve is stronger than ours. We cannot even defeat illegal immigration because we don’t have the resolve so why do we think we can defeat terrorism? One of his heads is dead but he is not gone. We keep making the beast stronger and there is not a damn thing we can do about it. It is out of our control.

    ISLAM: The BEAST of The Bible I
    [ame=]YouTube - ISLAM: The BEAST of The Bible I[/ame]
    If it is, GOD help us.

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