Is Lying Pathological With Rep. Ryan Or What(?): About The Drinking(?)!

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    The unemployment rate has been coming down to where it is less than 8% in 29 states, as of last July. Not only is the private sector, "Doing Fine," but the major drag on the unemployment statistics is mostly the massive layoffs at the state and local level. Senator John McCain would run for President, supportive of "The Surge," in a war where Osama bin laden was not. The Democrats can go into Convention next week pointing to "The Surge" in back-to-school sales, in contrast!

    All of that and more--the increase of housing values, even again, is "Imaginary" to Rep. Paul Ryan, GOP, and House Committee Chair occupier--in all respects like a denizen of "Occupy Wall Street!"

    So people should notice this:

    Do alcoholics have a tendency to be pathological liars

    On Venice Beach, in California, "Occupy Venice Beach," got the local bums antsy, and so the other denizens went on to, "Occupy San Pedro!"

    See in the link, "Your other actual source of lies are explanations for various behaviors, i.e., absences, missing money, (and to be included--imaginary spending cuts, imaginary loopholes closings, imaginary balanced budgets from tax cuts, $700.0 bil. "missing" from Medicare, which are actually Obama-Biden-Pelosi-Reid hospital cost controls of savings to Medicare.)

    Taking $700.0 bil. from mega-rich doctors, and from already prosperous hospital administrators--providing actual medical services instead--Ryan just seems to have to explain away--and to some people, certain(?)--maybe in some. . .illusion!

    He even slipped, telling all the world instead, that he had no concept of manufacturing plants in Wisconsin!

    The Reagan Budgets all sent money to the already prosperous, and set the lower income teens and young adults: Generally into a shooting war amongst themselves. Bush-Cheney, of the Helter-Skelter Family Values, then set the teenagers and younger adults into shooting wars unrelated to anything: In other peoples' streets, far away. Osama bin laden was apparently in Pakistan: Sitting out the Bush-Cheney, "Occupation."

    Anyone might suggest that there seems to be pattern commonly ascribed to addiction: In all that. "All of That" includes even "Occupy Wall Street," "Occupy Venice Beach, "Occupy San Pedro," and "Occupy the GOP Chairmanship of the House Budget Committee," including that too!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Imagine Some People(?)! Imagine Some Facts(?)! Imagine A Republican Vice Presidential nominee!)

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