CDZ Is it time for "Common Sense" bomb control in Britain?

Discussion in 'Clean Debate Zone' started by 2aguy, May 24, 2017.

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    +46,681 one said the police didn't arrest criminals....the point is that all of the extra laws that anti gunners want...for licensing, background checks, and registration......are not aimed at criminals...since criminals can already be arrested when they are caught, even for simply just carrying or possessing a gun........licensing, background checks and registration do nothing to stop or solve crimes...what they do is create legal jeopardy for law abiding gun owners.....for no good reason. What they do, though, is give the anti gunners a chance to remove the Right to bear arms from a law abiding citizen who hasn't used their gun to commit an actual to register......lose the a background check...then you have to go through hoops, and pay money to show it was a mistake, fail to register a gun...lose the Right.....

    We can already arrest people who use guns illegally....we can already arrest felons who have guns illegally....all the rest of those laws are unnecessary...and do nothing to stop criminals or mass shooters.

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