Investments In The Music Biz: Song Catalogs

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    Song Catalog Finances - The Future Of Music Publishing

    "After the music industry was shocked in the early 2000s by the growth of piracy and file sharing, many investors were skeptical about the future of music publishing assets, worried that the value of songs would decrease significantly due to consumer’s free access to music. However, the rise of legal alternatives for music consumption offered listeners a way to access music conveniently and affordably, while at the same time compensating publishers and songwriters for the use of their work. Throughout the past decade, the publishing side of the music business ended up suffering a significantly smaller hit than the record labels."

    I think MC Hammer's Song catalog went up for bids recently. A couple of friends of mine dabble in this, though on a small scale. They're doing well enough to be thinking about taking a bigger plunge. You might want to check out this site, too, 'crowd funding' I think:

    Buy & Sell Music Rights & Copyrights | Royalty Exchange

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