interesting development about the Unions today

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    Dems, unions may have deal on taxing 'Cadillac' health care plans -

    Seems they are working out a pretty sweet deal, exempt from the excise tax till 2017 and other perks. Well if you believe Obama will adher to it anyway. But it seems the unions may go back in the fold. whilst now Obama has to figure out who else he can tax to make up for the lost revenue.

    Although the labor leaders said they are trying to include all Americans making under 200k, I seriously doubt they would refuse a plan if it just included union workers.

    hell hire a lobbyist now and send him to Washington so you can get a piece of the pie, well only if you have at least 20 mill in the bank (well most likely more then that). Seems like the dems only talk to lobbyists now. I seem to remember Obama saying something about lobbyists, transparency, taxes, change, if he became President........oh well I forget...heh heh

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