Inflation beyond by 16.50% during FY 2011 a “survey report” in Pakistan

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    Inflation beyond by 16.50% during FY 2011 a “survey report” in Pakistan

    I want to share that inflation in Pakistan current year will be above 16.50% than think how middle class and low income people will survive. INFLATION in Pakistan due to bad governance, oil prices and food prices. If not control than which way their ends no body knows?

    Normally in Pakistan in private organization increment will be done by management wishes and do not care what employees need or demand. A usually average of minimum salary raise is between 8 to 15% in a whole year. But some time management does not give revise in salary and convey message our units or organization is running in LOSSES that is why we do not afford to give any one revise the pay scale.

    When inflation is high and high un-employment? Who is responsible for this inflation in which only common and middle class suffer but those who are rich class never suffered or worried due to surplus wealth of lasts but no one knows when and how he will die.

    If our leaders honest and sincere than our country are full of resources, blessing, minerals, talented man powers, cultivate lands but we always looking for foreign aids especially to IMF ( International Monetary Funds ) or WB ( World Bank) or United States of America. Why not control or reduce own state luxury expenses and think how our country will out from poverty, crisis etc.

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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