Immigration reform insanity.

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    Every time I hear discussions on Immigration Reform it’s from a panel of Illegal Aliens, La Raza, etc, corrupt and greedy businessmen and politicians. To even consider anything other than enforcement, border security and controlled immigration is pure insanity when the unemployment rate is above 7% and no signs of it becoming lower ever again and 26.7 million Americans unemployed and underemployed is pure insanity to want to add 30 million immigrants to the workforce to compete with Americans for jobs. Then the Chain Migrations that will unite those 30 million families with undereducated, poor, disabled and elderly that is add to the welfare system and not contributing to the economy ever? Is pure insanity and the insanity continues with those who come here not to work but to produce anchor babies that will sustain an anchor a family to welfare, food stamps, Medicaid and subsidized housing. Illegal immigration is costing this country trillions already and contributing to the economically failure. Then comes the criminal element of illegal immigration which is gangs and drugs that destroys communities and cities.

    Immigration Reform should only be considered only in the form or enforcement and deportation, reforming Automatic Birthright Citizenship for children of Illegal Aliens and border security and controlled immigration of highly skilled immigrants and a temporary farm workers program. Encouraging those here illegal to return to their country of origin is to encourage them to do something about their economically situation at home. Leaving their country in a economic mess is not helping those left behind or our economy. When Mexico does well, America does well also.
    Immigration Reform will benefit no one except Illegal Aliens, corrupt and greedy businessmen and politicians. The Dream Act that Obama signed to law is a perfect example.
    I am tired of listening to a group of Hispanic/Latino amnesty advocates and businessmen addicted to cheap labor and corrupt politicians willing the sell the country out for a few votes. When you have this group discussing Immigration Reform we are only going to get amnesty. I want to hear from hard working Americans competing for jobs and education and living in neighborhoods with Illegal Aliens and gangs and drugs discussing how they feel about Immigration Reform

    Immigration Reform will cost this country trillions and nothing will change. There will be another Immigration Reform in another 25 years with millions more to be added to the countries populations. Which bring us to another problem. Over population and the water supply.
    Population Growth Expected to Cause a Food, Water and Energy Crisis by 2030
    Overpopulation could be people, planet problem -
    The Ten Biggest American Cities That Are Running Out Of Water - Yahoo! Finance

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