Immigration Needs Tighter Enforcement

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    I am a person that always believed that everyone should have the opportunity to come to the United States. However, you should have to learn the language and not be an advocate of reverse discrimination. I live in Miami where 90% of the population is Hispanic of some kind. There is a huge amount of crime in this city and a tolerance by the police to these crimes because almost the entire police force is hispanic and they look out for, favor each other, and then claim to be neutral parties. I have been treated very poorly by Hispanics in this city because I am not "one of them." They either act like they are dumb, or they are dumb. I am not sure. Something about either their social upbringing or their genetic make-up makes them highly explosive, and I've found both of the men and women to be violent either verbally or physically, and sometimes both.

    I can not believe that it is possible that such a huge % choose to remain in their "close-knit" circles, spread rumors about people behind their backs, are constantly jealous for some reason or another, choose to not speak English, pretend that it is not possible for them to learn it, and then resent you for being an American and speaking English and not acting like a victim. I am only a third generation American myself and my family somehow learned, even though some were persecuated and killed for their religious heritage, to come to this county, learn the language and become middle class citizens. No more. No less. At least as far as financial wealth is concerned.

    I will not state my ethnicity here, but for some reason, I don't attack people, refuse to learn, resent educated people, or resent people who have something better than myself because they have worked for it and earned it.

    I find this truly interesting and that is why I am writing about it. What causes this type of behavior, and how as a Nation can it be stopped and how can we protect our country, that was founded on puritan values by the way, from a bunch of dishonest and unpredicatable people who all claim to be Catholic?

    I just don't get it.
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