I'm Afraid Obama will win 400 elv if the republicans run Palin

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    The Good insane United states of America
    This is how a election would kind of look if it occurred today...It should be noted I made most of them toss up in favor of the republican in the first half within 10 points of Obama, but gave up and become honest half way down.

    Obama/Palin, Alaska 6 points, Obama

    Az 11 electral
    Obama/newt, az 7 points, tossup
    Obama/Palin, az 11 points, Obama win
    Obama/Mitt, az 4 points, Mitt win

    Califorina 55 for Obama

    COLORADO for 9

    Obama/bach, 12 points, Obama
    Obama/Cain, 16 points, Obama
    Obama/Palin 16 points, Obama
    Obama/Perry 13 points, Obama
    Obama/Mitt 7 points, toss up
    Obama/newt 14, obama
    Obama/Palin 19, Obama, stolid Obama
    Obama/Mitt 6, toss up

    Florida 29
    Obama/Bach 12, obama
    Obama/palin 19, obama
    Obama/perry, 5, toss up
    Obama/Mitt, toss up tie

    Georgia 16
    Obama/newt 1, toss up
    Obama/Palin 5, Obama
    Obama/mitt 3, mitt
    Obama/cain 5, Obama

    Iowa 6
    Obama/Bach 1, toss up
    Obama/mitt 3, mitt
    Obama/cain 18, OBAMA
    Obama/Newt 21, OBAMA
    Obama/Palin 20, OBAMA

    Lousiana 8
    Obama/Palin 7, Palin

    Maine 4
    Obama/newt 16, OBAMA
    Obama/Palin 22, OBAMA!
    Obama/Mitt 8, toss up

    Massachutts 11
    Obama/Cain 33, OBAMA!
    Obama/Newt 36, OBAMA!!
    Obama/Palin 36, Obama!!

    I think it is safe to assume this is for Obama

    Mitchigan 16

    The only one that gets within 10 points of Obama is Mitt 5 down, Sarah Palin is down 18 points.

    Minnesota 10
    palin is 20 points down
    The only one that would of even had a change in a election against Obongo is Pawlenty at 8 points.

    Mississppi 6
    Sarah Palin only beats Obama 4 points...Everyone else does better.

    Missouri 10
    Republicans don't lose this, but with
    Newt they lose it by 2 points against Obama...A toss up.
    Sarah Palin they lose it by 5,

    Montana 3
    Sarah Palin gets only a 4 point spread against Obama...Pretty close,

    Nebraska 5
    Sarah Palin wins it by 1 point...Huge toss up in a state that is normally republican. Mitt wins it by 12

    Nevada 6
    Palin loses this one to Obama by 12 points.
    Mitt loses only by 1 point and Perry by 9.

    New hemisphere 4
    Palin loses this one by 15 points
    Mitt wins it by 2

    New Jersey is for obama for 14 elv

    New mexico 5
    Palin loses it by 20 points,
    Mitt loses it by 7 points
    Everyone in between thoses extremes

    North Carolina 15
    Palin loses it by 13 points
    Rick perry 8 points
    Mitt loses by 3 points and Bachmann losses by 3 points

    Ohio 18
    Bachmann loses by 7
    Cain loses by 8
    Palin loses by 13
    Perry loses by 4
    Mitt loses it 2

    Oregon 7 is for Obama

    Pennsylvania 20
    Bachmann loses by 8
    Perry loses by 6
    Mitt wins by 2
    Santorum loses by 2
    From a earlier poll Palin losed by 14 points

    Rhode Island 4
    Palin loses by 41 points, Obama elv

    South Carolina 9
    Cain loses by 3
    Newt loses by 2
    Palin loses by 5
    Mitt wins by 9

    Yes Repubicans stand to lose this one if they run Palin...

    South Dakota 3
    Newt loses by 2
    Palin loses by 8
    Mitt wins by 6

    Yes it stands to lose if you run Palin

    Tennessee 11
    Buchmann loses by 11
    Newt Loses by 12
    Palin loses by 14
    Mitt loses by 2

    Yes if these polls are correct then republicans could lose the 11 elv of this state.

    Texas 38
    Bachmann wins by 3
    Palin loses by 2
    Mitt wins by 8
    RON PAUL wins by 5
    Perry loses by 2

    Utah 6
    Bachmann wins by 14
    Cain by 7
    Huntsman by 40!!!
    Palin only WINS by 2 points. A toss up in Utah.
    Mitt wins by 32 points

    Vermont 3
    Obama's to lose

    Virigina 13
    Bachmann loses by 9
    Cain loses by 11
    Palin loses by 14
    Perry loses by 9
    Mitt loses by 4

    Unless you run Mitt Virigina once again will go to Obama

    Washington 12
    Obama's to lose!

    West Virigina 5
    Newt wins by 10
    Palin only wins by 4
    Mitt wins by 13 points

    Wisconsin 10
    Palin loses by 19
    Pretty Obama's to lose.

    Statewide opinion polling for the United States presidential election, 2012 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Virgina, South Carolina, Az, GA, Florida, even Utah and south Dakata are up to lose if you run Sarah Palin in 2012 against Obama. I don't like Obama, but lets be honest about this. He will win 400 elv if you run her.

    Mitt or Perry is about what we have. This country is on its last leg and it is because of the people that puts idiots into power that we're, but these are the facts.:(:(:(:(

    Yes I'm a republican and have voted straight republican for years.
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    palin is an irrelevancy who isn't running...
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    Obama will lose no matter who runs against him. So it's important to get Ron Paul the nomination.
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    The religious right will hold their noses and vote for a man who wants to legalize pot?
    The war mongers will vote for someone who wants to recall all of our troops?
    Just possibly they pretty party before all else bunches.

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