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    obama is probably one of the worst presidents in our history, making him a poor leader, governor jan brewer is doing whats right for her state and obama is going against her and whats right, he should be supporting her, but its all about his skin and the votes.
    i hope other governors step up, grow a pair and merely do whats right! gee guess whos protesting alot of illegals go figure that and people who drain society by not working and not contrubting, i know i have to work, i dont get paid to protest, obama enables all these flakes, i say obey the laws people do whats right and take your but to work , if your here illegally go home and protest to get your country straight, dont suck our country dry.
    you want to work jobs that some americans dont want, get a controlled work permit.
    mrs. brewer, god bless you for being a true american, i served this country for twenty years in the army, im still working and supporting this country, all you flakey politicians, you know who you are, you dont support whats right for this country, you support whats right for yourself, you greedy b....... ! you have no shame, you think youre above the law, well, you will get yours if you continue down that road, thank you america for the 1st amendment, that obama and his flakes are trying to change, if youre a true american youll vote this so called president out! thank you.

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