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    Tamar Jocoby.

    Our immigration system is not broken. 185,000 immigrants are allowed to enter this county legally each year.

    Legalizing, amnesty, 20 million illegal aliens will not raise wages but make them more competitive, spread jobs thinner and lower wages because there will be more people in the work force competing for jobs.

    If immigrants were so good for this country then they must be good also for Mexico and other countries they come from. By taking other countries’ workforce we are destroying those countries.

    Most illegal aliens are poor and uneducated and will add to our welfare, education, healthcare and legal system that is already stressed and we cannot afford to educate them. Benefits the poor receives far outweigh the taxes they pay. Low income people pay very little in taxes if any.

    Adding more to the already over population is drawing on our natural resources. Water is scarce which make growing food scarce and soon cannot feed our population so we do not need more people. Some farmers in the central valley of California cannot get enough water to raise crops.

    The only workable solution is the mandatory use of the E-Verify system. Less people means more jobs and higher wages.

    Our economy was thriving when we did not have 20 million illegal aliens in this country taking jobs, lowering wages, sending billions earned in this country out of this country and not back into our economy to make it strong and draining our education, welfare, healthcare and legal system.

    “They are in the shadows” “Doing jobs American will not do” is nothing more than pro-illegal immigration rhetoric. There are not jobs Americans have not done and will not do. We always have the unemployed. Ex-convicts, disabled and handicap and the unskilled need jobs. Illegal aliens are everywhere, in our schools, hospitals and dental and medical clinics, stores, restaurants, hotels and casinos, city, country and state. Either working or clients. These are not jobs American will not do but cannot get because illegal aliens will work for less. 20 million illegal aliens are not picking lettuce and following the harvests.

    Our immigration system in not broken, our enforcement system is broken and needs to be taken out of the hands of the federal government and placed in the hands of states’ law enforcement.

    Tamar Jocoby is not credible and qualified to know what to do about illegal immigration. You and I and our children are who live and work competing side by side with illegal aliens. I would like to ask Ms. Jocoby if there are any illegal aliens living in her neighborhood, going to overcrowded schools with her children, competing for healthcare and dental care, her job and committing crimes, vandalizing her home and property and dealing in drugs.

    President Obama say; “no healthcare for illegal aliens” Than is not good enough. If they are here, we will take care of them.

    If nothing is done about illegal immigration but another amnesty, we may as well open the borders because they will come and nothing will stop them. Amnesty in 1986 did not stop illegal immigration so lets try something different like enforcement with mandatory use of E-verify system.
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