Obama's reform plan

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    "This is not going to be a free ride. It's not going to be some instant amnesty," Obama said at the time. "What's going to happen is you are going to pay a significant fine. You are going to learn English. You are going to go to the back of the line so that you don't get ahead of somebody who was in Mexico City applying legally. But after you've done these things, over a certain period of time you can earn your citizenship

    Many problems with this plan.
    What is a significant fine and it is only paid if they want to become citizens and many of them don't want citizenship, they just want to legal status to remain here. Many of thoes who were given amnesty in 1986 have never learned English or applied for citizenship.
    Unless they go back to Mexico City they are not at the back of the line. The line begans in Mexico and not here. If you are here you are already at the front of the line.

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