Ignorance Regarding Mousavi

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Sinatra, Jun 17, 2009.

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    Just a cursory update here regarding alleged Iranian "reformer" Mousavi.

    There is widespread ignorance by many in the west, particularly Americans, of the true nature of Hossein-Mousavi. Too many of you are getting caught up in the romanticized aspects of Iranian revolution without doing due diligence of just who this character really is.

    Mousavi is closely linked to Iran's current "Supreme Leader". Both men were religious hardliners following the 1979 Iranian Revolution. Mousavi himself has defended the taking of American Hostages for 444 days following that revolution, in which he himself played a critical role. Mousavi's participation in that revolution was rewarded with his nomination as Iran's Prime Minister in 1981, a position he held until 1988. It was during this time Mousavi was widely regarded as one of the most radical elements of the new Iranian government. He openly despised the United States and the western world, and played a direct role in building up Hezbollah - the "Party of God" and funding various terrorist activities in Lebanon. His deep ties to Lebanon persist, and recent descriptions of Mousavi denouncing the Holocaust were greatly exaggerated. Mousavi was actually quoted as saying "some people were killed there..." hardly open recognition of six millions Jews having been terminated. In this same quote, Mousavi goes on to argue that the world could not sit and watch the destruction of Palestine by Israel.

    Another element to Mousavi's rule was his consistent attacks against Iran's private business class - Mousavi consistently pushed for further state controls over all aspects of Iranian commerce.

    More recently, Mousavi has consistently supported continued efforts by Iran to "Go nuclear", though he also insists, just as current Iranian president Ahmadinejad, that the quest for nuclear power is simply for energy purposes and not weapons-based. (yeah...)

    So what we have is a so-called "reformer" in Iran, who was one of the architects of Hezbollah and its use of terrorism, helped initiate Iran's nuclear program, is directly linked to Iran's religious ruling class, has a long record of being against private run business, has a consistent record of hardline stance against Israel, downplaying the truth of the Holocaust while consistently fighting against what he deems the destruction of Palestine by the Jewish nation...

    Mousavi a reformer?

    That might be stretching things quite a bit...
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    i heard Obama say something like this the other day....he was saying that this guy may be no better.....its not our problem anyway....let them sort it out....

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