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    I just wanted to write this post, because I believe that, as a result of this totalitarian regime we have called the Bush presidency, political ideas have been stifled over the last 8 years, and any dissentist or liberal opinion have been put down and made to feel less than the opinions of the majority, or those in power. This has happened time and time again in history, and I am glad that Obama has surfaced as a speaker of truth, because it is now an outlet for all of those liberal ideas to once again gain legitamacy, through a public figure who speaks truth, and has integrity, and wants to lead this nation to a better place. Liberals have had nothing to say for the past 8 years, because of the monopoly of the Bush administration on ideas on what is right and wrong, fair and not fair. These things permeate our everyday consciousness, and we may not realize it. Finally, with this election, with the recognition that all of these conservative are full of shit and the last 8 years they've brought us have been too, there is the feeling of a catharsis, as reality is now allowed, again, to enter into our lives, not clouded by some picture the gov't wants us to see of the world, which they sold to us, where America is so great, and everything we do is wonderful, and we can do no wrong, and should go start wars, and anyone who disagrees is a liberal and unpatriotic... man, nothing pisses me off more. To say conservatives are more 'American' than liberals is so infuriating, and is basically the implication that has evolved over the last 8 years, and now permeated the mainstream. Fuck that. Obama for prez.
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