I Slept Outside for a Week and It Changed My Life (Really)

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    Up until I enlisted in the Army, my life centered around dawn and dusk. I got up when it got light and went to sleep when it got dark.

    Reville and Taps changed all that. That and Sentry Duty and Kitchen Police. Later on in my career, it came with Charge of Quarters and Staff Duty NCO. My life has not centered around the natural circadian rhythm.since then. In fact, for the past 10 years or so, I cannot remember watching the sun rise or so.

    So, this article – or essay – was of interest to me.

    I know that what I experienced isn’t really how circadian rhythms work, but according to Wright, the University of Colorado researcher, it could be related. Cutting exposure to blue light and increasing morning sunlight in any amount can help max out your melatonin closer to nightfall. “When that melatonin rises, it tells the body to get ready for bedtime in a couple hours,” Wright said. “So when it’s time for you to try to go to sleep, you’re probably sleeping more in sync with your clock.”

    It does seem to make a lot of sense what this woman did. Sleep outside for a week – or two – and see what it does to how you sleep and how you feel afterward.

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    Buuuut what if you are not into cock roaches?

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