I like Obama....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by healthmyths, Nov 25, 2011.

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    and I have to laugh when people who comment about my posts think I'm racist just because I think Obama is incompetent, is dangerous and destroying our country...
    I laugh because in the 50s in the Midwest when I was a teenager my cousin had a baby with a (at that time we called them "negroes") and I'll never forget my Grandma holding that pretty little as she called him "her pretty little nappy head".. she loved him as we all did and that was when African-Americans made up less then 1% of our state's population!

    Then in the 70s(pause..) in Texas (pause!!oh... the south...) I had a (at that time we called them "blacks") business partner and we both learned alot about each other!

    So I've never thought of Negroes,blacks/now African Americans any differently i recognized as part of my family...I recognized as partner and today I'm really convinced the truly first BLACK (meaning he can trace his family back to slaves...) potential President.

    But I would like Obama though to be an ex president before he can destroy the country.
    I would like a truly "black" person who has 30 years experience in running businesses to run the USA because he is a simple person like me that knows something that Obama WILL NEVER KNOW and that is..

    Cain KNOWS that he DOESN'T KNOW!

    See Obama is of that elite pompous knowledge base thinking they KNOW how to fix almost anything.. MICROMANAGE.. much like my first WASTED Presidential vote...CARTER when I was NOT as experienced as I am now knowing that I don't KNOW at least!

    Obama will NEVER ADMIT THAT because ..well frankly it takes a real man to man up! To admit a mistake and to admit he doesn't know!
    Cain does!

    And for that he is definitely the better choice then Obama... hell any one frankly will be a better choice!
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    And for that he is definitely the better choice then Obama... hell any one frankly will be a better choice!


    Anyone is not a better choice than Obama, that's one of the stupidest things republicans say, have some pride for Christ's sake.

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