I be a Librul

Discussion in 'Politics' started by CrusaderFrank, Sep 1, 2009.

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    I have no idea how an economy works. Not a clue. Moreover, I'm only vaguely familiar with the very concept of work. I know it involves exploitation of the proletariat, but beyond that it's all blahblahosity.

    I have no idea what a CEO does, except fire workers and exploit the proletariat. They're greedy, right? Businesses pretty much run themselves, right?

    I know most CEO's and almost all Republicans thrive on polluted air and dirty water, they're like from another planet or something and don't share our values when it comes to clean air and water. I love the environment so much I want everyone else to live a more simple back to nature type life. Just don't take my Sunday Times or Caramel Macchiato.

    I believe the minimum wage is way too low. I'm thinking no one should make less than $75/hour no matter what they do or how poorly they do it. CEO's make $75/hour in like 10 minutes because exploiting the proletariat is really lucrative, so why shouldn't a college drop out make that much?

    I love minorities, just as long as they're not Republican. Clarence Thomas was an Uncle Tom (didja notice his last name? How hard was that to figure out?) Miguel Estrada might be a Latino, but where's his wise Latina vagina that would make him arrive at better conclusions than a white guy without the wise Latina Vagina? You walked right into that you Repug!

    At every key point in history you'll find a Liberal. Remember when that Greek guy was in the tub and shouted "Eureka!" Right, a Liberal! Jesus, George Washington, Gen Patton, Abe Lincoln, Augustus Caesar, King Darius, what do all these great men, oh, wait Joan of Ark, what do all these great men and women all have in common? Dassright! Librulism! Libruls have no problem taking credit for any accomplishment throughout the annuls of time. Let there be light? Well, I should probably stop there...

    I believe in supporting the US Armed Services, except when they're fighting George Bush's Illegal war for oil in Iraq and then we'll try to strand them on the battlefield without funding. Let's face it, Kerry was right; if you're 20 and haven't yet figured out what it means to be a fighting man in a country run by Liberals, you may be stew pit.

    I am a Librul first and a moron second -- no, wait! I got that backwards. Damnit!
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    You just cleaned Maggie or Mannie, or whatever their name is....you cleaned their clock!

    One punch knockout folks!

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    theartching thapphireth
    i ate a liberry for dinner
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    Monkey see, monkey do?

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