Hybrids, meet your rival – it gets 376.59 mpg

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by proletarian, Mar 15, 2010.

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    Hybrids, meet your rival – it gets 376.59 mpg - GlamCar.com
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    If all is 100% authentic, then it would suggest another conspiracy from big business to control products and manipulate costs. When and if most vehicles get 359 mpg you will see gas at $45/gal or more.

    You don't expect the oil companies and their insatiable greed to allow such advancements overnight do you? Their goals are to sell oil and gasoline as high as they can get away with and I think they have been doing everything they can to quell ANY real conservation efforts without jacking the price of their products accordingly.

    Conservation itself was supposed to do a couple things for starters, save our resources and cost the consumer LESS by being a 'good guy' and conserving. What happens? We conserve and get screwed by having the costs of the goods, services and resources skyrocket so the corporations, god forbid, don't walk away with reasonable profits,but outrageous profits at the expense of the little guy.

    So when you see such advancements, think again, the large corporations and already ahead of us and plotting to manipulate prices. Same thing is happening with electricity, and lighting. But that's for another thread, I have a friend whose home is almost 100% LED and Solar run, when that becomes more widespread, bend over consumer the corporate shaft is coming.

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