Hunting rock, finding little.

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    Went to the Coast Range for a little overnight vacation. Read an old description of a locality where one could find nice euhedral crystals of augite. Followed the description right up to the point that I found the right formation. However, the area has had a lot of logging since the time of the description, and the roads had changed considerably. I was not able to find the site in the formation that yeilded the large euhedral crystals. The whole area had many crystals 1/4" and under, but I was looking for the area the produced buckets of 3/4" + crystals. Never did find that.

    Really nice area, however. It was quite warm, with a mild east wind for most of the day. However, as the day ended, and the wife and I fixed dinner, the wind changed, and started blowing, mildly, from the west. By sundown, there was fog sneaking through the passes in the hills. The sky was pink from the smoke in the Cascades from the fires near Roseburg. The effect was quite interesting, the pink sky coloring the fog as it stole around the mountians.

    The mountains are quite steep there, so the wife stayed with the car while I hiked up the mountain side.She had a nice chair and something to drink, the camera, and some reading material. I made a quick tour of about 20 minutes, and coming back, saw where an elk had walked in my tracks. That was about 50 yards from the car, and about 100 ft above it. The wife said she heard something, but was watching a bird in the other direction. Really did not see much wildlife there. A spruce grouse, some ravens, ducks, and flickers. Deer, and Elk tracks. Some bear droppings. Compared to the open timber country of Eastern Oregon, the dense Coast Range forests, even with the clear cut areas, do not have as much wildlife.
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    go to a quarry you'll find lots of rocks there!!!

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