How to Change a Life

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    "How to Change a Life"
    The value of a mentor cannot be measured. I came across an article in the NY Times yesterday about a football player who made it to the NFL because of a group of mentors who came into his life and helped him when he needed it most. Having a mentor can mean the difference between success or failure and when we are talking about someone's life? That is huge!

    Why not look around and ask yourself, Who do I know that needs some encouragement? What can I do to help that person fulfill the plans and purposes God has for their life?

    Don't limit yourself to the idea of mentoring a child. There are many adults who need to be mentored and would benefit from someone helping them develop the gift they have within them.

    Years ago, I read a story about Louis Armstrong and how his parents had left him in the care of his grandmother. Louie dropped out of school at a young age to work. A Jewish family who had hired him, noticed he was struggling and decided to take Louis under their wing.The family bought Louie his first cornet after noticing his interest in music. Louie Armstrong knew the meaning of the song he was remembered for, “What a wonderful World.”

    I'd like to share my own story with you. When my husband and I moved the country, he bought me my first computer. I met a group of Jewish people online who were well educated and passionate about subjects which interested me. One of the people in that group became my mentor. He is a published writer and his books are some of the best I've ever read. I am dedicating this article to him.

    Mr. E., thank you for being my friend and for being the greatest mentor anyone could ever hope for!

    A mentor is a friend, a role model, one who encourages, someone willing to listen, to share their thoughts and ideas with another person. A mentor is someone who is willing to teach, to sacrifice time they won't get back, for the sake of someone else.

    Had someone not mentored me to become a writer you would not be reading this right now. I do not believe that anyone can reach their greatest potential without the help of others. Behind every great success story there was more than one person involved.

    We all need guidance, encouragement and help along the way to reach our destination. What kind of world would it be if no one was willing to help someone else? If we desire to see a better future for this world we are going to have to become involved in the process.

    It is a matter of asking, “What can I do to help?

    There is no greater reward than to see a life changed because you gave of yourself.
    Don't wait. Do it today!

    The story of Lorenzo Mauldin - NY Times article:
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    chicken farm
    I was looking forward to reading this but then saw where you witnessing....we do not all need a god thrust on us
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    I wouldn't be where I'm at today without mentoring. Mentoring has nothing to do with religion, mentoring teaches fact, there is no fact in religion, only faith.
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    My mentor made a huge difference in my life at a time when my ex-husband left me and took my savings. She didn't see me achieve my Masters degree at age 50, as she died from ovarian cancer 1 year after I started the program. I appreciate her kindness and encouragement and taking a personal interest in me when I felt so alone and betrayed.
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