How Bush-Cheney-Romney-Ryan DeRegulation Now Hurts Market Paper Holders! Sob(?). . .

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    The massive de-regulated Wall Street fraud to which Romney-Ryan want the economy to do all-over-again: Is now found souring, even to paper-holders, now years later.

    And so the cry continues: "Sob! Sob! Sob, Sob, Sob!" Even analysts agree that Romney-Ryan are bad news for credible investment repair and scenarios to boot!

    Governments mull radical solution to underwater mortgages: seize them - Economy Watch

    City of San Bernardino, CA, is famously bankrupt. County of San Bernardino, however, has been an entreprenurial bonanza for decades. Neighboring Riverside County is even becoming a fledgling cultural mecca. There is land, and now there is warehousing, in a central mecca, mostly in County of San Bernardino. City of Rancho Cucamonga itself, however, even has a memorial Cultural Center: To famous entrepreneur(?), Jack Benny! This is not a land of the federally funded, Reagan Trajectory Spirit!

    So in San Bernardino County, there is innovation being created to use Eminent Domain to clear up underwater mortgages. The old era deregulated paper, however, is in such disarray that likely now even good ideas cannot be done!

    That is clearly what Romney-Ryan are for. No good ideas getting done: They do deregulation, instead! That is What Vice-President Biden has been able to bring into focus with the common parlance words, the "chains" that Romney wants unloosed! Now, maybe even Romney seems to note that the corsets of Wall Street(?): Really need to be reigned in--and really, really, big time stronger!. He came out for regulations the day after coming out for loosening the chains. Anyone guesses what he may have imagined!

    Anyone knows: He used to work there.

    Maybe at the GOP Convention, keynote address: There will be some discussion of the chains that are needed. These will be the "Chains You Can Believe In(?)!"

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!'
    (Palms Springs area, Lands of Many Nations, even nearly Scottish Presbyterian about it, even now: Understanding golf, as not a Volkswagen!)

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