'Homicide' bombers

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    Another mass murder on the streets of an Israeli city. Another devotee to the pagan god of pain and death bows at the altar of bloodlust and slaughters the innocent. For this is what suicide bombings most certainly are.

    Spare me the nonsense about this being the only weapon the Palestinians have. Actually, they have tens of thousands of guns, given to them by the Israelis when there was a chance of peace. This, when the Oslo Accord -- perhaps the most generous land offer given by any victorious nation in history -- was close to acceptance.

    They also have a major arsenal provided by Syria, Iran, Lebanon, several gulf states and other Muslim nations that hate the "Zionist regime" far more than they love their own people.

    The Palestinians are armed to the teeth. So much so that they frequently kill their own people during internal wars and political disagreements.

    So if Palestinian militants wanted to launch armed raids into Israel they could do so. Indeed, they did this for many years -- killing children on a kibbutz, massacring old people at a Passover Seder, shooting a mother and her children as they hid under the blankets in their bed.

    Let us be candid here. With so many men and women in uniform in Israel, it is significant that Palestinian terrorists go to such lengths to attack and kill those who do not have guns and are not soldiers. It is pertinent that Palestinians who fought with their Arab allies in the 1973 war, for example, performed very badly against the Israel Defence Forces.

    The suicide bomb (or "homicide bomb," as it should be known), is about something far more than armed resistance.

    Witness the attacks in Britain last July. Nothing was achieved and Britain is, anyway, a democracy that gives its Muslims full and absolute rights as citizens.

    Or look at the number of suicide bombs used in Iraq, where Muslims kill Muslims with a grotesque glee and regularity. Is this because the various militia gangs in Baghdad are without arms? Certainly not. Nor is their cause the withdrawal of American troops or a struggle against what they perceive as oppression.

    The suicide bomb and its inherent sense of martyrdom has become not a means to an end but an end in itself. The act supersedes the action.

    In other words, the sacrificial spilling of blood becomes the very statement, taking on a quite separate and special place in local folklore.

    Innocent blood, too. There is something deeply psychotic about these young men and women -- for they are always young -- who scream for destruction. They take delight in hurting the harmless. Some 140 Israeli children have been murdered by terrorists in the past five years, and Hamas now label as "traitors" those Palestinians who express any regrets or condemnations.

    Suicide bombers not only wipe out those around them but, as far as they are concerned, they wipe out the world. They are no more, nothing is anymore. It is the ultimate act of anger and hatred, not against Jews or Zionism or Israel as much as against themselves. A sick product of a sick culture.

    There is no paradise for these wretches, no dancing virgins or sweets or bliss. Just an eternity without God or love or joy.

    Their victims, however, face an entirely different future.

    Remember those who perish at the clawing hands of the bomber, but worry not for those who commit the crime. They were dead already, in mind and soul and heart.

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