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    I have always wanted to see the world; hence when I die i will be cremated.

    No one can see clearly, we all suffer from I strain.

    People who claim to know everything have the Readers Digest condensed version of the book of knowledge. The unabridged one starts with the entire library of Congress. That's the first chapter. I'll let you know what comes after when I get through with that.

    Is it possible for an elected officials to serve all the people and their party? Apparently not.

    We are all in a box (I'm not talking about coffins), erecting walls and barriers to keep out conflicting concepts and challenges to our point of view. Natural enough we all want to be comfortable. Full knowledge requires all perspectives. How do we do that without climbing out of our box occasionally and looking into others"

    When I see the sunset I know the day has ended , at the same time others are seeing the sunrise and the day has begun.

    Just some foolish thoughts from a foolish, old man. Peace, Love, and Faith. Pappadave

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