Hillary’s Hidden Past

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    Really? That's old news and has nothing to do with her qualifications to be president?

    Oh yeah? Take the time to read about her 15 years working for the firm and then tell me it has no bearing on the present.

    In her 2003 book, Mrs. Clinton wrote only briefly about her work at Rose. The Journal noted that an indication of her outlook favoring the wealthy over the poor occurred early on in her career at Rose. In November 1976, the activist group Acorn [yes, the infamous Acorn of the James O’Keefe videos] had succeeded in getting an initiative on the state ballot to lower electricity rates for low-income users and increase them for businesses.

    The Rose team’s argument, credited mainly to Hillary, was that the lower rates for the poor were unconstitutional.

    (My bold) And nowhere do I see anything about her “lifelong dedication to making life better for children.

    READ more @ Hillary’s Hidden Past

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