Hillary ,the wedding,the manchurian[groom] candidate.

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    western states
    the israelis are pretty slick folks;what if the wedding of the former first daughter and the depraved zionist that culminated recently was a total set up to coincide with middle east peace talks going on currently?

    what if the jew groom was hired by the tel aviv gang to marry the bride in order to discredit the state departments standing among the arab heads of state? [manchurian groom candidate..]

    think about it , america the honest broker? when the sec'ty of state has a zionist in the family?

    this would be not only a laughing matter in iran and in the middle east in general but would be seen on the arab street as another disingenuous attempt to trick the arabs.

    who would believe the us would be acting as an HONEST BROKER concerned about muslim and arab interests and of course PEACE? ha ha ha ...ha...
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