Hillary!!! It was political gamesmanship!!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by healthmyths, Jan 23, 2013.

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    Hillary complained what difference whether it was a planned or a bunch of guys wanting to kill Americans AND I AGREE!!!

    BUT HILLARY... Explain then WHY THE NEED for Rice to go on BEFORE THE ELECTIONS
    and tell American people it was the video that caused the deaths!

    The reason pure and simple was if they had BEEN honest and said "we don't know if it was the video or a planned organized attack" that would have been acceptable!

    BUT THEY glossed it over. Obama killed Osama.. end of terrorism!

    And that was the narrative, the meme, the story that would help Obama get re-elected!

    And certainly would not help if it came to light that the terrorists PLANNED the 9/11/12 attack !

    Most voting Americans on the cusp first concern is safety and here we have Obama taking pride in Osama.. good for Obama!

    BUT to try to foist this phony CAUSE in order to make Obama look good before the re-election... THAT's the problem HILLARY!!!

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