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    Hey Doug,

    I had to share this with you this WTF moment.

    We received an email last week from the CFO of our company that if you have any prescriptions that need to be filled, please do so by the end of the month as a "new" health insurance program will be going into effect on July 1, 2012. (At this point I am thinking, great here we go again).

    My current health plan was as follows:

    1) Member +1 (Only XXXXXX and I were on the insurance, because I could not afford to have the "family" plan. Current deduction $300 per pay period or $600 per month for XXXXXX and me (Wife has NO INSURANCE)
    I think to add her was another $400 ($1,000 per month). There was a $500 deductable, but after that 100% coverage but with co-pays $25 primary care, $50 specialist, shitty prescription program (paid $42 out of pocket for abuterol asthma inhaler). Fucking Bullshit.

    Here's the WTF moment.

    Met with the associate today (how the fuck did this bitch get a job). Here is the new plan:

    1) Individual Plan (Member only)...$59 per pay period ($118 per month).
    $2,000 deductible (before they pay anything)
    Only covers 90% of medical bills.

    2) Family Plan (They got rid of the cheaper 1 +1, pay the same for 1 or for 15 people)
    $425 per pay period - $850 per month
    $4,000 family deductible (before they pay anything)
    Only covers 90% of medical bills

    This is $15,000 you pay a year before they START to p/u any coverage and then it is only 90%!!!!

    Needless to say, I cannot risk losing everything due to a catastrophie. BUT FUCK THESE PEOPLE!!

    I took the individual plan $118/month (no brainer). Got Cancer Rider Policy for $40/month - lets you get access to drugs not available in the regular plan and some other payments (AFLAC for Cancer), got an Accident Policy for $40/month copays for Hospitalization (Aflac) and set up a deduction for an HSA account that is $116/month that builds up similar to a retirement account that can be used for any medical bills (dentist, eye, doctor, etc.). The HSA is pre tax deduction and can be invested tax free and can be rolled over ever year (doesn't expire at end of year). The HSA is like a retirement account for medical expenses.

    New deduction $314/month and previous was $598/month. So I am saving a few bucks as long as no one in my family gets sick and I should be able to build the HSA to cover health care expenses in the future.

    I am sticking this shit out until XXXXX is out of High School and in college. Just refi'd the house to a 15 year fixed (should be closing next month). 3.5% fixed. Saving $100/month and cut 6 years off payments. Come HELL or HIGH Water retiring at 57 (when mortgage is paid) and moving somewhere else.

    Maybe they need to teach Medical Care Management in school. No then people would actually know how fucked they really are. I need to start my exit strategy now man. This shit is really getting fucked up.

    To summarize. murka is a piece of fucking shit.Jew owned holding a Military slaughter machine for the theft of natural resources, worldwide, and you idiots wave your flags and pay for it.

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