Democrats: we can't bankrupt Medicare fast enough!

Discussion in 'Healthcare/Insurance/Govt Healthcare' started by CrusaderFrank, Jun 27, 2012.

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    Democrats want to bankrupt Madicare ASAP. It can;t happen soon enough for them. No reform, no discussion, lets cram millions of more users a a system that's already a defacto bankrupt.

    "CrusaderFrank, if the Supreme Court strikes down the health care law tomorrow morning, we all know Republicans in Congress won't do anything to help the millions of Americans who will be denied health insurance coverage.

    That's why at Daily Kos we identified some of the most important districts Democrats need to win to retake Congress, and asked the Democratic candidates running in those districts if they support allowing all Americans to purchase Medicare at any age."

    Where will Democrats flee to once the Medicare and SocSecurity collapse? What's their exit strategy from the USA?

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