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Discussion in 'Photography and Imaging' started by Neser Boha, Oct 12, 2009.

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    A few friends of mine and I decided to create a non-profit organization and named it Happy Aid (actually, I didn't take part in picking the name).

    The organization's main purpose is to collect funds through organizing various events such as concerts and art exhibits in order to later on donate the profits to other non-profit and humanitarian organizations such as Red Cross, Doctors Without borders, etc.

    Happy Aid will cherry pick specific causes/goals that we want the money to be used for by those organizations in order to ensure that the money is used the way we want it to be used.

    Happy Aid is in its pre-natal stages as of now, and we're looking for a logo for it. Therefore, I'd like to appeal to any graphic designers out there (specializing in logo creation) to help us out.

    If you're one or know someone who might be willing to aid us, please, let me know! :eusa_angel:

    Thank you.

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