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    Has anyone ever taken this Hapkido before? I read about it, and have met a instructor in it before, he insisted he show me a few wrist clinches, but I think he was sort of showing off (he met me as I was shadow boxing).

    Their are classes at my new gym Tuesday and Friday. I figure it can't hurt. I am starting Boxing Mon-Fri next week, if we don't get iced in again, and I also have to do PT with my recruiter 1 time a week alone, and then 2x a week on our meeting days. So, my schedule will be something like this:

    Monday- Boxing or PT
    Tuesday- Boxing and Hapkido
    Wednesday- Boxing or PT
    Thursday- Boxing or PT
    Friday- Boxing and Hapkido
    Saturday- General Fitness
    Sunday- Push-Up Competition

    Either Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday I'll have to do 1x of PT. So, I should always get in 4 days of Boxing, no matter what, but I am not sure, because of Hapkido times, so if I do start going to it, I might get just 2 days of boxing a week, which sucks, but I'm ok with it.

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