Haneyya says willing to work with Egypt in achieving Palestinian unity

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    GAZA, (PIC)-- Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haneyya has declared that Egypt is fully qualified to follow Palestinian national reconciliation issues, and he emphasized Hamas's willingness to achieve genuine, balanced reconciliation.

    ”We are keen to fully cooperate with Egypt to complete files related to Palestinian reconciliation. And there is a new spirit in the Egypt's foreign policy, especially in dealing with the Gaza Strip,” Haneyya told the Middle East News Agency on Tuesday.

    ”We sensed this new spirit during the meetings held by various Palestinian parties that arrived in Cairo,” he said.

    ”I look forward to advanced steps in the path of ending the Gaza siege and reconstruction and opening the crossings,” Haneyya added, expressing great appreciation for the Egyptian leaders that came to power following the ouster of former president Hosni Mubarak.

    The official said that bilateral meetings took place between the Egyptians and leaders from the Fatah party, Hamas's rival in the West Bank, as well as the Popular Front, the Democratic Front, the Jihad movement, independents and resistance factions. He went on to say that Palestinian reconciliation has recently become one of the country's top priorities.

    Haneyya says willing to work with Egypt in achieving Palestinian unity

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