"Hands On" Meg (Whitman) For Tony Hayward, CEO Of The Year Award!

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    Among CEO's oblivious to it all, there now emerges GOP, California, Gubernatorial candidate, Meg Whitman--of Rap-Star, Gangsta fame(?)! Notice that unlike Governor Gropenfuhrer, Arnald of the--immigration language problem: "Hands On" Meg needs to be more open about what she was. . . . .touching(?)!

    California governor's race: Meg Whitman reveals more details about her confrontation with EBay worker - latimes.com)

    Obama-favorite, Abraham Lincoln, was famous for having left behind no particular plan regarding what to do with the South, and the freed slaves in those states. The Yankee, Union, North had actually not abolished slavery, directly due to Abraham Liincoln. Their party thinks like that, Shown even in Amendment XIII. Amendment XIV--and due process, equal treatement under law, of the usual GOP abominations and anathema--had to follow.

    Anyone wonders if they had to hold their noses, even then(?)! "Loose Shoes and a Warm Place to. . . ." would actually become a "water closet" joke, of racial profiling.

    Now, mainly, the Ivy League offers, "Betrayus, Obombus: Please!" as their perception of what the world needs now. It is elsewhere noted that even the desperately needed--Keynesian Public Works agenda--in the Gulf Coastal Restoration, Obama plan: Is coincidentally about as chock full of details as a Governor Bobby Jindal response to the Louisiana crisis!

    "Long Walks On The Beach," admittedly: Do have a certain place in Americana, no doubt CEO admired! Yachting has so far surfaced as the actual, preferred alternative. That goes back to, "I'd rather be sailing!"

    Meg Whitman, by comparison, is clearly now far more open about, "The Plan" for California. Anyone recalls that originally at the website, it looked very similar to a mailing list!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!
    (So, which James Bond movie, do we have in play here--about women doing martial arts in matters of business and policy, in America(?)!)
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