Gunny and the alligator

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    Shoveling the ashes
    A man walks into a bar dragging an 8 foot alligator by the tail.
    As he bellies up to the bar, he orders a whiskey with a beer back, yanks the alligator up to the bar and puts the alligators head on the bar.
    He pry's open the alligators mouth, unzips his pants and lays his dick into the alligators mouth.
    The alligator is trembling and obviously scared as the man downs his whiskey and drinks his beer.
    15 minutes and the man is done with his beer, puts his dick back into his pants, and the alligator closes his mouth.
    The man shouts out to the bar patrons, "Is anybody else tough enough to try that?"
    Everybody is silent, until Gunny finally speaks up.
    Gunny says, "I'd like to try, but I can't promise I can keep my mouth open that long".

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