Great Socialist Victories Planned For Most Of World's Advanced Peoples!

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    The Irrelevant GOP Dreams of a modern Haiti, or modern East Africa, for the United States: Are even now opposing business regulations at the state and local goverments. Most U. S. Nationals polled in fact want to be more like China, doing what China intends in the link!

    China says it will tackle inflation boost incomes - Road Runner

    The Old, Fat, GOP White People--cavorting about naked on other people's yachts--dumping substance and other treasure into the sea: Are not where it's at in the world!

    U. S. Nationals want increase of social spending. Turmoil in China is scheduled to be met with increase of social spending and a narrowing of the gap beteen the exploiting households--cavorting about naked on other peoples yachts--dumping substance and other treasure into the sea: Narrowing the gap between them and the great working households of all of China: Is the central government intend in growing China, thanks to government stimulus and intervention. There will be customers in the Stores, at least in China. There is no Paradise of Abraham Lilncoln--like an East Africa, or a Haiti, or a Sidwell Friends School--intended to be in place, anywhere in China. The GOP wants all customers, out of the stores of America! They are the Part of No! More No! More No! No! No! More and More shortages are intended!

    Many, in fact, apparently twaddle with a penis in between the loins, in support of the law, intending even newer people to live like Lincoln intended! Refusing all monies to be sent to Haiti and East Africa instead, is intended. Shortages created under law are intended! No! and only No! is what is only inteded!

    Support of the Law of the Party of Lincoln is designed to keeping paying customers out of the stores. Not even Bargaining Rights, at the Collectives, are allowed anywhere in GOP agenda.

    GOP opposed the Math of Jesus Christ, of the greater gods of Greece, of Schedule M! Jesus Christ of Greek Religion is not in favor, anywhere, of any GOP. Even Great Prophet, Rev. Jeremiah Wright--of famous sermons in Chicago--has problems with the famous message, being understood! Matt. 16: 1-20, fit onto Matt 25: 14-30--which creates a Pythagorean diagonal, in a rectangle--is not allowed to be discussed at GOP! That is just like school, and the law! Anyone is reminded of Sidwell Friends School!

    Obama-Biden social intervention has worked in the United States. Socialist central government intervention has worked in Europe, in North and South America, in Australia, and will be expanding in Asia!

    The Great Socialist planet of the peoples is under way!

    GOP posters call that racist!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (As though we know nothing about racist policy, in the United States, like at Sidwell Friends Schoo--keeping all the money intended for Haiti, and East Africa!)

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