GOP vs. Dems=Mythbusters vs. Glee!

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    1. "Survey shows how liberals and conservatives watch different TV shows.

    2....And not just between Fox News and MSNBC. Larry the Cable Guy and Jon Stewart appear to split conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats as surely as President Barack Obama's health reform law.

    3. Republicans prefer competitive reality TV and shows about hard work, while Democrats are looking for sarcastic humor and complex characters.

    4. Some seem obvious: Democrats love the Daily Show with Jon Stewart for the biting criticisms of (often Republican) politicians and wry wit that the program dishes out from New York City. Conservatives list Jon Stewart's program as one of their most hated for his sarcastic commentary and his pretentious media-watching.

    5. Republicans, meanwhile, are drawn to Only in American with Larry the Cable Guy, a show featuring the self-styled plain-talking comedian and his adventures exploring everyday people doing strange jobs across the United States. To liberals, Larry the Cable Guy is a caricature of a redneck, an anti-intellectual who plays the the lowest grade of humor. They rank his show among the worst on TV.

    6. The formula Entertainment Weekly suggests is relatively straightforward: Republicans like to watch reality TV with competitions (the Biggest Loser), programs about working people (Pawn Stars) and relatively straight-forward police procedurals (NCIS). Democrats, on the other hand, want to laugh at comedies with progressive humor (Glee) and awkward people doing awkward things (30 Rock). They also like dramas where the heroes and villains aren't always so clear (HBO's Treme).

    Democrats like:
    The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
    The Colbert Report
    30 Rock
    Parks and Recreation
    The View
    Modern Family
    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    Cougar Town
    The Late Show with David Letterman
    Aqua Teen Hunger Force
    Project Runway

    Republicans like:
    Swamp Loggers
    Top Shot
    The Bachelor
    Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy
    American Pickers
    Pawn Stars
    Swamp People
    The Middle
    The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
    Dancing with the Stars
    Wheel of Fortune

    Democrats dislike:
    Swamp Loggers
    Dog the Bounty Hunter
    The Ultimate Fighter
    The Price is Right

    CSI: Miami
    Kitchen Nightmares
    Secret Life of the American Teenager
    Ghost Hunters
    Ghost Adventures
    Deadliest Catch
    Operation Repo

    Republicans dislike:
    The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
    The Colbert Report
    South Park
    General Hospital
    Family Guy
    Jersey Shore
    The Walking Dead
    Divorce Court
    My Fair Wedding With David Tutera
    Read more:

    Ya' think?
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    Looking at these lists, I can proudly say that I don't fall into either mold.

    30 Rock and the Daily Show are probably in my top 5 most watched shows. At the same time, I shudder at the thought of watching a half hour's worth of the View or Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

    Mythbusters? Pawn Stars? I say "How can you not like these shows?" Republicans do. Apparently not so much on South Park, which is one of my favorite cartoons.

    Overall, very interesting info.

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