GOP Staffer--Deficit Is Mostly GOP, Rep. Bachman Is High On Federal Spending!

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    In the same Los Angeles Times, Sunday Edition, which exposes the federal largesse creaved by never-satiated-enough, Rep M. Bachman: A former GOP staffer shows that the giant federal deficit is largely Republican of Origin.

    U.S. budget deficit: Borrowing and spending the GOP way -

    Just one GOP president, George Bush II, Terms I & II, created $1.7 tril. in unfunded wars, and $3.0 tril. in fundless tax cuts.

    Bachman's clinic gets government funding, and the farm get a quarter million in federal funding, and her love of the Obama Stimulus created support for lots of its funding in the district Bachman represents.

    It is appropriate to note that Rep. Bachman is a part of the GOP ear-marks unsatiated, GOP of this time. With more Republican legislators like that in office, then the Bush II, Terms I & Ii statistics of enormous deficit creation actually happened--all due to them.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Millions can guess that GOP knows how to spend money like Bachman: Only on itself!)

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