GOP Attack Obama's Reagan Trajectory (All The Way With LBJ!?!)

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    Apparently the Reagan Trajectory isn't working, again!

    Elsewhere posted, teenage unemployment is at record levels, with black teen unemployment at "Business As Usual" rates for a Reagan Trajectory.

    "Wup, Wup! There It Is!" is now apparently widely conceded to be the Obama-Biden legacy underway!

    Who would have thunk it, (surely at the Ivy League)!?! Anyone notices that now it is clearly intended. The policy was announced. The outcome is on-going. People are complaining that it's even slower than a Reagan Trajectory, after all!

    At the time of the current incumbent's, famous interview in the Reno Gazette, the un-stated comparison was likely with the New Deal, and those generation Democrats, which came to fruition in: "The Great Society." The Obama Campaign mainly attributed the anti-poverty programs, and Affirmative Action itself, to important legislative achievements of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.: Who never once sponsored a legislative act. He did get a lot of people fire-hosed, jailed, and beaten up. Mostly, they were black. It made TV.

    That "No legislative leadership" guidance even now seems to have engaged the National Health Insurance campaign, at the West Wing.

    The New Deal Democrats knew about getting people into work right away. Even in Iran, where the national sport is wrestling: There is a concept, "stalling." Anyone can also state that, "Just like in America, there is the concept of Holocauste Denial, (1861-1865), even in America."

    Reagan borrowed from the high-minded, holier-than-thou tradition--And at his age--of the fringe Abolitionists that created the Lincoln White House. The abolitionist ascendancy happened when the Democrats managed to split their own vote! Before there was Reagan, the liberals went for Kennedy, as opposed to Carter. Reagan had even been a president of the Screen Actors Guild, and that he knew for certain. He carried a gun! This man's head was (so far into outer space. . . .), he should have put Lincoln's Stovepipe hat to immortal shame in eternity: On film! Just coincidentally, Reagan suddenly supported even famous New Deal Program, Social Security. Old people could understand Ronald Reagan, the Great Liar of the most recent century.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Back to the colored shoe laces again, under law, just like of the Reagan Trajectory!)
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